Surf, Kite, Whale watch and more…

With Brazil Trails, your local connection in Florianopolis, you will experience a dream Surf Holiday, or Kitesurf in warm swallow waters, Whale watching, or the true spirit of Brazilian Capoeira among other outdoor activities.

Surf Vacation

surf_vacation_03.jpgFlorianopolis / Brazil – Either if you have always wanted to surf, or if you´re looking for a spectacular Brazil surf vacation in perfect surfing conditions, where gentle swells come together with a beautiful sceneray, friendly people and exotic culture. Read more

Wind and Kitesurf

Wind and Kitesurf With strong south and northeast winds, Florianopolis has some of Brazil’s best wind and kitesurfing spots, especially between August and December. Equipment rentals and highly qualified instructors are readily available. Read more

Capoeira Day Trip in Florianopolis, Brazil

Capoeira Camp in Brazil Capoeira, Environment and Social Integration. Here you will find the ideal conditions to learn or to improve one of the most traditional and beloved Brazilian sports: Capoeira. Read more

Whale watch

Whale watch The Imbituba area, which is 80 km south from Florianópolis, hosts a noble visitor from July to November: the Arctic Right Whales (Eubalaena mysticetus) come to our coast to give birth and feed their young. Read more

Snorkel at the Campeche Island

Snorkel at the Campeche Island A beautiful tropical paradise made of clear, calm water and white sand. Read more


Sandboard Sandboard at the dunes of the famous Joaquina beach. Read more

Horseback riding

Horseback ridingHorse ride through beaches, dunes, hills, rivers, fields and more. An amazing experience on a beautiful landscape. Read more


Rafting Exciting white water rafting in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz . Read more

Mountain bike

Mountain bike Explore the hidden side of Florianopolis on a moutain bike. Day trips and a 4 days suggested itinerary for you to experience the best this island and the mainland have to offer you. Read more

Oysters growing

Oysters growing Oysters growing is a typical activity in the island. Here you will learn how it happens directly where it happens: in a boat on the sea. Read more

Bird watching – Florianopolis / Brazil

Bird watching - Florianopolis - Brazil The environment in Santa Catarina is very diverse and keeps a great variety of birds that can be watched in a few places that bring together many species, like the Cinclodes Pabsti, the Stymphalornis Acutirostris and the Hemitriccus Kaempfe. Read more


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