Tourism Experiences

When you opt for a Tourism Experince tour, you are choosing not only to visit a new place or to relax during your vacation. For some hours, you are choosing to live the lives of the local people, see what is really true and local in a place, and contribute for locals to keep their habits and the local history alive.

In Florianopolis, we have chosen a few activities that represent how people were living before this island became one of the most popular destinations in Brazil. These activities are practiced in places that are not so visited by the usual tourist, and even though, they are beautiful places that offer exuberant nature and fascinating landscapes.

Fisherman´s Life

Fisherman´s Life
TOURISM EXPERIENCES are part-day trips offered in partnership with the Florianopolis local communities. When you take part in a Tourism Experience you’ll have a fantastic experience as you get to know amazing stories, genuine characters and take part in Adventure Week… Read More

Preparing your own coffee

Café Caboclo / Andrades Mill and Old House
Feel the experience of preparing your own coffee. Get to learn step-by-step how to transform coffee seeds into an authentic “Café Caboclo”. Before that, learn about all the flour homemade production processes visiting this original mill fro. Read More


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